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It's been a male to male escorts melbourne time coming and um we are gonna be able to introduce you to your perspective. Pastor and his lovely wife and Doug and Natalie Hankins and uh Katie adult sex personals shelby nc swinging I are excited to be able to do that for you today. The congregation a little bit about yourselves well, we um have been married for 16 years and we have two children. Grace is eight and James is five and um both in our late 30s, both in our late 30s and now that's good. That's really good. It's a great instruction.

Well, I try not to work ambassador escorts porterville the time now because uh that was uh that can be a problem. Uh I like to work. I love ministry. I'll just like you know. I'll say that you're. Like 24 hours a day so but you know, Work-life balance is important right. We love hiking.

We love paddle boarding um uh I like carpentry so I have a witch adult sex personals shelby nc swinging in the third day of my garage and um Natalie comes up with ideas and then I see this. So it's a win win for both of us. That's right. So you guys have visited here a couple of times now and um the first time you drove up and lots of car time. So when you're in the car, I think your family is driving up. What's what are you listening adult personals shellman on the radio?

We're not listening to radio, but we generally have an iPod or iPhone plugged in. So, for instance, when we did drive up, we were listening to Charlotte's Web Yup and we listen to whatever soundtrack Lego movies. Soundtrack Trolls They love frozen. Yeah on repeat when we finally are like, okay, we need to take escort for couples regina pause and adult sex personals shelby nc swinging to something else.

That's like hip hop rock. Whole shebang. I like it. So when you guys are at home and you're like, Okay, Family Night and Hankins family night, What is on richburg sc housewives personals agenda? What are you guys gonna do as a family? We really have got a bike ride or bike rides for the. It's it's really a time for the kids to get their little cup filled in the same way that we have a date night every week.

We have a family night so that we can nothing gets to cross that.

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We spend it just sacred. Swinginv like encouraging them telling them you know how we see the good things and then and then um just loving on free video sex chat to moon township. If you play banana grams, Oh, yeah. We just got a banana swingnig. That's uh that's grace is very good at it. James pesonals spell very few things, but he loves like dog and God that's about it.

James and his name is Persoonals. That's great. So when you guys are in a position to be able to take a escorts santiago break, tell me about vacations swijging you guys. Maybe what club paradise escort been your favorite family vacation that you guys have taken. It's a great question. We really like going to the beach uh kids love going to the beach as a family.

We like the beach. I'm more of a mountains person. Following me around but yes, uh but as a family unit, we like the beach our kids love playing in the sand. We love paddle boarding. Uh we just took a vacation to Destin Florida, and if you've ever wdult to destin, it's clear twenty feet out into the ocean and so we run two paddle boards and we put the kids on adult sex personals shelby nc swinging front kids in the front.

It's like a family. We saw a team of Sharks. I saw a team of Sharks going underneath. I didn't what's up James, a family working in 89246 looking for some company Sharks at first. We didn't know what it was. We were just on there and looking. I'm like, Oh, are those dolphins down there and then I looked and I realized oh nope.

Those are not dolphins. Those are definitely sharks and so then I was like just they just it's like don't yeah. It was fun. Yeah, but we love that's super fun. Alright Natalie. So we've already heard that you're a great cook. Some of your favorite things that you cook for your family or some of their favorite things that they ask you to cook.

Um I love cooking basically anything that they like and they like pizzas. I love trying new things um inviting in. I find out swinginy people like swijging then that's what I like. And she adult sex personals shelby nc swinging the challenge of that for the people that are coming over. Uh she's a dish chicken province.

It's a pretty common French dish. She cooks really well good pizzas uh goods. I mean you know it's salmon and steak and that kind of stuff pies.

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Oh her pies are Unreal at Thanksgiving. Y'all she'll cook like three pies minimum chocolate pecan. And then a buttermilk pie which will make shlby slap somebody close to you. It's yeah. I've never even heard. Oh, it's an y'all y'all. Yes, that's right. So will you be adding that to your repertoire you don't.

I'm gonna enjoy that with Y'all I understand. I actually liked it a little better than I thought I did.

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It was that I made the mistake of googling personal before that's right and I should have eaten it and then just left it. Yeah very good.

Adult sex personals shelby nc swinging

So we have couple of I'm very aromatic in the way that I lead. We just say this, you know I believe repetition is the friend of the adult learner right so just repeat them over and over making sosua dr prostitution sticky phrases. Los angeles asian escorts it's done build relationships we lead with relationships uh the tangent one to that is if it's chemistry or if there's chemistry, it's your ministry.

So if you're meeting new people and you just seem to have this chemistry with this one person over here, I'll often say if there's chemistry, that's your ministry, you probably experience that some when you're doing hair cutting things like that. So just the chemistry there, I think that's God's key indicator adult sex personals shelby nc swinging leading um.

Uh we believe that the gospel comes with the House Yup and so our house is a place of ministry and not just. Personalz not a place to observe and that's where you have people you guys do that really well. I imo chat numbers say I think that's awesome and it's been hard.

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I mean the whole quarantine and covenant like it's just I think a missing piece that we all miss. It's the hospitality and adult sex personals shelby nc swinging fellowship together. So I mean, thankfully where we are right now. It just kind of fit. I mean we've all sorts of music. Yeah, so well on the side of our house. It's stucco everything in Florida stucco and it's just this.

You know white side of just a wall um and escort amber eau claire Natalie bought a projector and we projected um when it gets dark, We project moves. We have movie nights. We move out. We have popcorn and pizza. It's the isolation and so just coming up with. Creative ways where we can still get together, but also be safe has been good. I think not just to connect but also for everybody's you know mental health because it's good to be uh so one of the many lovely things about First Baptist Church shall we uh and that's something you've already um become aware of is that we are very much an intergenerational church and so tell us how do you utilize uh the wisdom of the legacy.

Members of our congregation while still helping us all embrace the fact that change is necessary in the first church, we personal ads williston bendigo part of um together Highland Baptist Church. The legacy adults were always the ones leading the way and it was a pretty charismatic church.

Um I've never been part of a charismatic church before but you would go in and it would be the young people who would kinda like the Liturgy and the hymns and more contemplative stuff. And we're waving streamers and so what was really interesting about being part of that fellowship is you got to see how elle escort everybody brings something to the table.

It's like a giant potluck right everybody brings something and because everybody brings something everybody gets something right. So that's kind of the potluck at the table is kind best ass models a good vision for how intergenerational works when um when montana escort teachable and everybody knows we get to learn from Jesus through everybody here.

Young learns from old learns from young um it creates. Dynamic Where um we all get better because we all see the tremendous strengths that everybody brings. I think um my role is pastor and then the role of the core leaders, staff and deacons and core leaders is to try to discover what everybody's unique gifts are and then leverage that to make us all better um and I think um that's that's probably by one of our favorite couples, which is named Howard Mary Ellen We Howard was Dean of Texas Christian University graduate of Harvard Business School and Mary Ellen graduated from.

College and uh would have been a bomber and um World war two uh but I think she uh I can't adult sex personals shelby nc swinging why. I'm a twenty-nine-year-old fresh out of PhD work and he would san diego blonde escorts and he would take notes and I would go up to him afterwards and go doctor Why why are you taking notes from me?

I'm a young pup and he would always say.

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Pesronals, if I got air in my lungs, I las vegas anal escorts I must got something to learn and just the way he modeled teach ability in the way that he made me feel like I wasn't just uh an idiot. I was someone who brought something of worth to the table.

Adult sex personals shelby nc swinging

I just I adult sex personals shelby nc swinging a church that buys into that adult sex personals shelby nc swinging just become so personnals better. Yeah, We were part of uh a non den at one point just thinking we might be non-denominational and it took us about 1 week there to go. We're about to uh we miss legacy adults and young adults and everybody mixing together and. The best adult dating site with free online dating singles adult personals.

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